Pictures of Bichon Frise

Being such an adorable, fluffy and playful little dog, every enthusiastic Bichon owner wants to know how to take good Bichon Frise pictures. However, it should be first mentioned though, that unlike people, taking photos of your Bichon Frise requires planning and timing.

Pictures of Bichon Frise – How To Take a Good One

The first thing you have to do is to find the perfect setting for your photos. Since your Bichon is color white (or of a light cream or pale shade), you have to choose a setting with a darker colored background, such as while it is lying on a wood parquet floor or in the dark greens of your lawn or garden. Having a dark background would greatly enhance the white fur of your dog. Avoid a cluttered background as this may shift attention away from your dog. Once you have chosen your setting, have this location secured for your dog’s safety (since it is not nice to take a picture of your Bichon while it is on a leash). You may need to surround it with a temporary fence so that your Bichon will not bolt while you are taking pictures of it.

Assign a member of your family or a friend (if you are living alone with your dog) to be your assistant in this endeavor. He or she should be good friends with your Bichon. This person will be the one to distract your dog or get it to play and assume cute poses for you. Make sure that you have all your dog’s toys on hand for the photo session.

Bichon Pictures – Questions

One question that many individuals have is what type of camera is best used in taking photos of Bichons and other dogs. Actually, you can use all types of cameras. You just have to make the necessary lens and lighting adjustments. Thankfully, the development of digital photography has enable newbie photographers to take excellent pictures thanks to the latest technology. Unlike before with film cameras wherein you might end up with bad pictures, blurry shots and the infamous scary red eye effect in your dog photos, digital cameras come with special sensors that will correct photo distortions caused by sudden jerky hand movements and inappropriate lighting. Even if a Bichon picture is not that perfect, you have image software programs like Adobe Photoshop which you could use to manipulate and improve your photo.

During the photo session itself, be prepared to look silly yourself. If you browse through Bichon Frise pictures on the web, you’ll find that many of them are taken at the dog’s eye level. This simply means that you would have to get down on the ground or tumble around on the grass to get a good shot. Have your assistant distract your Bichon so that it would stay still while you take its picture.

Let me narrate a story of photographer associate who has a very energetic Bichon. She has difficulty in taking pictures of her dog because it just won’t keep still. It is either running or jumping around in the yard. Even if she gets it to stay in one place, it would start scratching, yapping or wagging its butt and tail. Instead of using a digital camera, what she did was to use a camcorder. She recorded her dog while it played around the house. Saving it to a DVD disk, she would run her recording on Cowon Jet Audio and take screen captures from it. Voila! The result was perfect still photos. One very cute photo that she captured from this method showed her Bichon jumping into the air in an attempt to catch a butterfly.

Bichon Frise pictures are undoubtedly a joy to take for every pet owner. If you own a Bichon, make it your hobby to take photos of your pet.

Pictures of Bichon Frise

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