How to Find a Quality Breeder of Bichon Frise

Most individuals who decide to buy a Bichon Frise have arrived at this decision mainly because they want a dog that not only has a great personality and temperament, but also possesses a prestigious pedigree. It is for this reason that one should be very meticulous in finding a good breeder.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know the qualities of a good Bichon Frise breeder. Some only seek breeding facilities that are within their local area, but are not particularly concerned about the conditions of the kennels and the qualities of the breeder’s services. Many have even been duped into buying hybrids from unscrupulous breeders and puppy mills. Other breeders are just simply “running a business”. These individuals know very little about the dogs in their kennels and, instead, mouth off facts from Wikipedia to make themselves appear knowledgeable.

If you want to have a genuine Bichon Frise puppy, you must go the extra mile to find a certified breeder. Take note that these breeders are the first human beings that the puppies have been in contact with. Most reputable breeders will not sell you a puppy until it has already become familiar with both people and other dogs and has started to socialize. Also, because of the fact that they know the personalities of each puppy, they can help you in determining which pup would be best for you. Of course, he or she should also understand if you do not accept their recommendations.

Utilizing All Information Resources

The advent of the Internet has made it possible for you to find the perfect Bichon Frise puppy breeder. Use search engines like Google or Yahoo to find breeders in your locality. There are also Bichon Frise specialty websites that have lists of breeders. However, some of these breeders may have paid the site to get the advertisement, so make sure that you personally interview these breeders and check out their facilities.

If you are pretty “low tech”, you can also find potential breeders in the Yellow Pages. Simply give them a call and schedule an appointment to visit their kennels.

One sure way to find certified breeders is through professional dog organizations like the American Kennel Club and the Bichon Frise Club of America, both of which can be contacted by phone or email. You may also want to check for any Bichon Frise clubs in your area. Some of these clubs have breeders among their members.

You can also find quality breeders by attending dog shows, sponsored by leading dog organizations. Some of the pet owners and event organizers may recommend a breeder or two. You might even be lucky and actually meet a breeder attending the show or has a dog in competition. You can also try your luck with veterinarians and pet daycare centers.

After you have compiled a list of breeders, make sure that you meet with them and inspect their facilities. By making the extra effort, you are sure to find that Bichon Frise puppy you’ve long dreamed of.

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