Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Bichon Frise Puppy

One very important aspect of Bichon Frise puppy health that you should not overlook is finding a veterinarian who will give your pup the best care, particularly when it becomes afflicted by illness or injury. Your search for a good vet should be just as meticulous as when you yourself are looking for a doctor. Naturally, if you want the best medical care for yourself, you would want the same for your dog.

Where To Look For Bichon Vet

It is very important to find a vet for your puppy before you bring it home from the breeder or immediately after. You can easily find a vet in the Yellow Pages or you can ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. Other good sources of information include pet store owners, pet daycare centers and pet groomers. Consider factors such as distance from your home (the vet closest to you would be the best) and veterinarian fees. Some vets charge exorbitant fees which may put a drain on your wallet.

Some breeders are affiliated with veterinary clinics. If your puppy’s first shots were given at a particular clinic, you might want to continue availing of their services. The advantage of this is that the vet already knows the puppy, having had interactions with it already during its stay at the breeder’s. You might also want to get more information from professional dog organizations like the American Kennel Club and especially the Bichon Frise Club of America. These dog groups have directories of veterinarians per state.

If you are particular about the vet that you want, you might want to consider an animal doctor that has a subspecialty in Bichon Frises. These veterinarians treat only Bichons, so that they are well-informed about diseases that afflict this particular breed. There is a catch, however, to choosing a Bichon Frise specialist. Just like doctors who specialize in Pediatrics, Surgery or OB-Gyne, their fees would definitely be more expensive in comparison to vets in general practice.

Selecting a Vet

Make a list of all the veterinarians to whom you are considering entrusting your puppy’s health to. Call them up at their clinic and make your first appointment. Bring with you a list of questions that you would want to ask. Don’t forget to bring along your Bichon, as you would need to see how it would react and interact with the vet and his or her staff. If your Bichon seems to be wary and distrustful of the vet at first meeting, you might want to consider someone else.

Once you have found a good veterinarian for your Bichon Frise puppy, ask for his or her contact information. You will need to know how to contact them immediately in cases of emergencies. Don’t forget also to inquire about home service.

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