Bichon Frise Training – No Clue?! Here’s How…

The Challenges of House Training a Bichon Frise

Part and parcel of owning a pet is house training, that is potty training. After all, who would want to see their home and valuable furniture littered with dog poop and smelling of puppy pee. This is also true for the Bichon Frise. However, house training a Bichon Frise may prove to be quite a challenge to the owner.

While Bichons are praised for their cheerful, friendly and social demeanor, these little dogs are quite independent-minded and even possess a stubborn streak that may prove exasperating during potty training.

One very important rule when house training a Bichon Frise is that you should never shout at it, use harsh words, or resort to physical violence. Some Bichons have even been known to bite their owners if they feel threatened. The best way to deal with a stubborn Bichon is through patience and the giving of rewards like food treats.

Bichon Frise Potty Training

There are two specific parts to potty training a bichon frise, namely crate training and potty training.

Crate training involves using an adequately sized crate which would serve as the dog’s sleeping area. The crate is usually placed in an area which is frequented by people and which the dog is more comfortable in. During training, it is necessary to make the Bichon accustomed to its crate by putting an old blanket or towel inside for its bedding, as well as its toys. Give your dog a small reward during the first few times that it goes to its crate on its own. The main idea for crate training is to prevent the dog from relieving itself in its sleeping space. This will also discourage the Bichon from sleeping on the bed, couch and other furniture.

Secondly, potty training involves teaching the Bichon where to answer the call of nature. Apartment and condominium owners need to train their dogs to use old newspapers or a litter box. This is accomplished by putting litter boxes or newspapers in specific areas where the Bichon is to pee or poop. Encourage the Bichon with treats and give similar rewards if it uses the papers to relieve itself. Some pet owners recommend using a foul-smelling potty solution, drops of which are placed into the litter box or onto the newspapers. Once the Bichon smells the solution, it will only do its business right on that spot. Also a part of potty training is teaching the dog to pee or poop outside the house. It is necessary to accustom the Bichon to walks outside the home, during which it would void urine or defecate. As a responsible pet owner, however, always make sure that you carry along a trowel or plastic bag to clean up after your dog.

Ideally, house training for Bichons should start when they are still puppies since they would be more obedient. Older Bichons, such as those coming from rescue shelters, would tend to be intractable which may make house training difficult. Just be very patient, and shower them with praises, hugs and doggie treats if they answer nature’s call in the right spots.

When house training a Bichon Frise, kindness, persistence and a cajoling nature are the best qualities that a dog owner should have in order to gain the cooperation of his or her cute, but stubborn pet.

Bichon Frise Training

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