Bichon Frise Personalities

People who are not animal – and more so, dog – lovers tend to scoff at the idea that each animal has its own distinct personality. The Bichon Frise is no different. In fact, if you are a Bichon owner, you would already know just how intelligent these little dogs are – the way they look at you as you talk to them and the many ways by which they respond. Indeed, such a bonding between a dog and its owner could not be possible if that special chemistry of distinct personalities does not exist.

If you are familiar with pedigree dogs, you would probably observe that there is a haughty, snooty air to them, as a result of their being pampered, high class breeds. They definitely exude an aura of class.

While considered a pedigree dog, Bichon Frises are good-natured, cheerful and energetic little pets that crave love and affection. Take a look at images of Bichons on the web. All the dogs in the pictures have sweet smiles on their faces. Who wouldn’t want to have such a cute furball for a pet?

Know Your Bichon Frise’s Personality

Bichon Frises have long held the reputation of being natural companions. This means that they tend to form firm attachments toward their owner and become a bit clingy. Everywhere you go, your Bichon is sure to follow. If you’re going to watch TV, you will suddenly find your pet jumping onto your lap and curling up to take a nap. If you’re not quick enough to close the bathroom door, you will discover a furry peeping tom peeking at you through your shower curtains or grinning up at you while you answer the call of nature.

In all of these cases, just give them a smile and a pat on the head. Unlike other dog breeds, Bichons are very sensitive to your moods, and would go out of their way to cheer you up. It is also because of this sensitivity that Bichons do not respond well to harsh scolding and yelling. Hurting their feelings will only lead to the development of unsavory defensive and/or aggressive behaviors.

One characteristic of a Bichon Frise is its strong independent-mindedness. There will be times when your pet will try to assert itself as the boss of your home. When this happens, you should be firm with it and strongly establish yourself as the “alpha dog”. Again, never yell at it or hurt it. This way, your pet will know its limits without it developing feelings of resentment toward you. Don’t extend punishments, such as the silent treatment, for long periods of time. Give it some playtime, so that your pet will understand that you have forgiven it.

A Bichon Frise is also a sociable animal, curious of new people and new places. While keeping them on a leash so that they don’t run off, take them to the park or other places they are sure to enjoy. You can also bring them to doggie daycare in order for them to meet other dogs.

Although these are the general traits of Bichon Frises, it is important to remember that no two Bichons have the same personality. Do some research on other character traits to expect in your pet. More importantly, get to know your Bichon personally by observing the subtle nuances in its behavior.

Pictures of Bichon Frise

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