Bichon Frise for Sale

Bijon Frise Dogs for Sale

Most newbie pet owners desiring to have a Bichon Frise for their own are immediately drawn toward ads in newspapers and on the Internet with the big bold words “Bichon Frise Dogs for Sale“. However, the question that needs to be asked first is: Should you be attracted to ads such as these?

Many animal welfare groups have been informing the public about the proliferation of “puppy mills”. These are highly illegal enterprises wherein you have breeders forcing poor mother dogs to mate with studs so that they have several litters of puppies within a year. These puppy mills have the most deplorable conditions, since they are more concerned about breeding as many puppies as they can without any consideration for the health of the mother and her offspring. One news report on these illegal businesses showed emaciated dogs, obviously weakened from constant pregnancies and births.

Puppies are kept in dirty, crowded places, looking hungry, frightened and absolutely miserable. While a number of these puppy mills have been shut down through the efforts of animal welfare activists, many of them are still in active business, offering puppies for sale via the Internet and in newspaper Classified Ads.

Before you commit yourself to buying Bichon Frise dogs for sale from a breeder you just read about in the papers or on the World Wide Web, it is very important that you do the extra leg work. The first thing you would need to do is to make inquiries with the American Kennel Club or Bichon Frise specialty groups. These clubs have complete directories of legitimate breeders and pet stores. You can also ask about the breeder you are dealing with. If said breeder is unknown to them, you may have to think twice about buying a puppy from this person.

One very important rule when talking to a breeder is to ask if you could check their kennels and/or breeding facilities. All reputable breeders take pride in showing off their kennels to prospective owners. If the breeder in question does not wish to do so and, instead, prefers to meet you at a certain place, then he or she might be a puppy mill operator.

Individuals who wish to give such breeders the benefit of the doubt are advised not to release any payments whatsoever. These breeders would entice you to buy a Bichon by showing you an album containing puppy photos and then ask you to choose from among them. More likely than not, you will be getting a puppy that is different from what was in the photo that was showed you. And, if you happened to be dumb enough to pay half or full price, some so-called “breeders” will not return at all with the puppy of your dreams. For those who are interested in getting a pedigreed Bichon Frise, always check the dog’s papers first before you sign and pay up. Take note though that some breeders go as far as to forge registration papers. Or even if the dog’s papers are official, if your eye for discriminating purebreds is not as keen as an expert, you might find yourself with a mixed breed puppy.

If you have been hoodwinked by an illegitimate breeder or even if you have the suspicion that a breeder you’re dealing with runs a puppy mill, please take the responsibility to inform the authorities. These breeders are clearly violating animal rights and need to be arrested.¬† Go the extra mile of checking the credentials and facilities of breeders who are offering Bichon Frise Dogs for sale.

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