Bichon Frise Problems – Barking Biting

Dealing with Annoying Bichon Frise Barking Behaviors

Many canine enthusiasts can hardly resist owning a Bichon Frise. Very friendly, sociable, loyal, and a happy dog by nature, Bichons are ideal pets for families with children. Since this breed is not as yappy as other small dogs, incessant Bichon Frise barking behaviors should alert you that something may be wrong.

Solution for Bichon Frise Barking and Biting

Commonly, Bichon Frise barking is taken by pet owners as a sign that a stranger is at the front door or there may be suspicious individuals lurking outside the home. However, if your dog keeps on barking and yapping for no good reason, there might be a problem with its temperament.

For one, barking may be a sign of separation anxiety. This is a type of behavior commonly seen in Bichons whose owners have decided to transfer residences or in rescued Bichon Frises. Removed from an environment wherein they felt safe, these Bichons tend to bark more in order to get their master’s attention. Some Bichons who have been rescued from puppy mills tend to be more aggressive, owing to the fact that they have to compete with other dogs for food and other treats. Barking is their way of warning anyone – including their owner – from taking their food. Bichons who have been mistreated or abused by previous owners are constantly on the defensive, growling and barking and assuming an aggressive posture with ears stiff and pressed flat to the sides of the head, teeth bared and legs spread in readiness to attack or to flee.

Bichon Frise Barking – What to do?

When you have a barking Bichon, the worst things that you could do is to speak harshly or even yell at it and resort to physical force. Such measures will only make the dog more aggressive. The best approach to a barking Bichon is to be kind and patient. If your Bichon is barking, gently shush it to silence or lull it to calm down with soft, comforting words. If it quiets down, you can give it a little treat like a dog biscuit. This way, it would come to know that barking is not a good behavior. Never pat a barking Bichon on the head to calm it down. Instead, kneel down beside it and rub its neck and back soothingly.

In some cases, it may be necessary for you to take note of what happens before your Bichon begins barking. Some Bichons may have been traumatized by certain incidents in the past. One good example is loud bangs and booms from fireworks. Other dogs may start barking at the sight of items that have been used to beat it with. A Bichon who was spanked with an umbrella or a certain style of slipper would instantly bark at the mere sight of these things. Roughhousing with the children can also lead to annoying barking behaviors, especially if your kids tend to play tug of war with your Bichon or they take away the dog’s toys or food. When such incidents occur, be prepared to soothe your dog. Teach your kids also to minimize roughhouse play and strictly prevent them from taking away the dog’s food and toys.

If you find it difficult to control your Bichon’s barking behaviors, you may try using a dog bark collar. There are three types of dog bark collars. One collar emits an annoying high frequency sound that only your Bichon will hear. Another type of collar sends out an electric shock. The third type of dog bark collar is equipped with a citrus spray, the smell of which the dog cannot tolerate. All of these collars are activated when your Bichon barks for a certain period of time.

Intractable Bichon Frise barking behaviors that could not be controlled by any of these methods would require behavioral modification training. It may be necessary to have your Bichon brought to a kennel, so that a dog trainer can manage the problem.

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